Integrate AppSec into DevOps

Easily embed security tests in your DevOps pipelines and make them an integrated part of your flow to pave the way for DevSecOps.

devops security

Decide on the flow and let it run

Liaise with security engineers and software developers to decide on the optimal timing of each type of security scan in your pipeline. Introduce separate processes for CI and CD on Kondukto and let it flow automatically.

Keep your pipeline flowing

In some cases, security tests can take a long time and this can mean halting the pipeline until the scans are completed. Through Kondukto, you can trigger asynchronous security tests independent of your DevOps steps.


Single point of contact for AppSec tests

Instead of building custom integrations with each scanner, let Kondukto take care of it all. Once everything is integrated, manage all scans on all scanners centrally.