Trigger scans from a central platform

Schedule all your scans on different scanners from one place and get consolidated scan results immediately after scans are completed. Easily analyze and prioritize vulnerabilities identified by scanners and take prompt action.


Manage vulnerabilities from a single platform

Bring together your AppSec vulnerabilities spread out across scanners and manage them centrally. In cases where automation is not preferred, take manual and bulk actions on vulnerabilities such as assigning issues on your issue managers or marking false positives.

Decrease your mean time to fix and window of exposure metrics

Automate manual processes involved in AppSec processes and decrease the time between the discovery of vulnerabilities and the resolution. Constantly keep an eye on your overall and project specific remediation performance from a central platform and set SLA and notification criteria to make sure critical issues are escalated on time.

appsec metrics

Make peace with software developers

End the war with software developers by saving them from pdf reports generated by scanners. Assign issues to them on their native development tools and provide resources on how to fix vulnerabilities.