Decide on your AppSec tool chain

Deciding on commercial scanners can be a long and expensive process. In the meantime, start testing the waters with open source AppSec scanners embedded in Kondukto. With no installation required, start scanning your projects right away and see results on dashboards of Kondukto.

application security tools

Embed security tests into your DevOps pipeline

Set release criteria and trigger security scans in parallel or in series synchronously or asynchronously in your DevOps pipeline through Kondukto CLI. Always make sure whatever is shipped meets your security criteria.

Take prompt actions on security vulnerabilities

Reduce your mean time to fix by automatically assigning issues to your software developers and tracking the status of all vulnerabilities. Set issue, release and notification criteria to make sure nothing critical slips through the cracks.


Get help on threat modelling and false positives

Kondukto licence comes with monthly support hours included. Get help on topics requiring security expertise such as threat modelling or elimination of false positives on a monthly basis.