Calling all AppSec: regain control of your time, focus and productivity

Kondukto orchestrates all security testing data in one crystal clear view to boost visibility and insight for AppSec teams. Ease prioritization and triage most pressing vulnerabilities in time, minus all the noise and distractions.

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Calling all AppSec: regain control of your time, focus and productivity

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A focused way to view, prioritize and fix vulnerabilities faster

Set up & integrate with tools you use

Easily set up and integrate Kondukto with the tools you use to get an instant view of all security vulnerability data. Get your projects and users up and running quickly using the ALM and SSO integrations.

Set up & integrate with tools you use
Add your projects & create hierarchical views

Add your projects & create hierarchical

Fetch projects from your ALM tool or push them to Kondukto via the CI/CD pipeline and start unifying your vulnerabilities at an organization, business unit, product, or project level. Assign risk values to project labels for automated risk profiling of your projects.

Triage vulnerabilities faster

Get consolidated and deduplicated vulnerability info across your security tools to simplify triage and create automated suppression rules to reduce noise. Handle suppression requests coming from developers and set expiration dates to ensure proper risk management.

Triage vulnerabilities faster
Add your projects & create hierarchical views

Power up remediation efforts

Send vulnerability information straight to Jira or Slack to speed up remediation and relevant conversations. Continuously track the status of issues and remediation metrics.

Gain an in-depth view and security score

View all vulnerabilities as well as duplicates eliminated by Kondukto. Drill deeper into vulnerabilities based on code owners, see their security scores, or take action on multiple vulnerabilities in one go.

Gain an in-depth view and security score
Personalize security training for code owners

Personalize security training for code owners

Empower your developers with the exact security training they need. View vulnerabilities introduced to the source code, identify areas of improvement, and prevent recurring vulnerabilities in your organization.

Platform features

Features that support your AppSec role, helping reduce
noise and spend time on the most valuable work.

Validation scan

Verify fixes automatically to ensure better collaboration and less distraction. Boost efficiency by eliminating redundant conversations between AppSec and development teams.

Role-based access & workflows

Enable users with different permissions to work with the most appropriate data and streamline processes with tools teams use daily. Create appropriate actions for each role to boost productivity while keeping essential control.

SBOM locator

Instantly search for vulnerable components and find applications impacted by those components. Save time and increase remediation speed.

Vulnerability deduplication

Deduplicate the same vulnerabilities across the same scanner or different scanners and remove the unnecessary distraction for security teams.

Onboarding & health check

To offer maximum value, we work with you during the onboarding process and monthly health checks to ensure all configurations are set up in the most optimal way for your unique environment.

Remediation & learning hub

Create an internal knowledge base to circulate vulnerability know-how and educate different teams. Dive deeper and personalize training programs using Kondukto’s developer-level vulnerability data.

Integrates with tools you
already use daily

Do you use something we don’t support? Let us know and we
will build it within days.

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Flexible architecture and agility

“The challenge regarding the development of secure digital solutions is to make all collected security related data consumable on a central platform that is both security tool agnostic, adaptive to new and emerging technologies and customizable. This is where Kondukto stood out in comparison to other platforms. The flexible architecture and the agility towards new integrations in context of our needs, made Kondukto our preferred solution.”

Dr. Romeo Ayemele Djeujo

Dr. Romeo Ayemele Djeujo

Leading Global Business Information Security ZEISS Group