Create your application security engineer
that never sleeps

Let all your stakeholders of DevSecOps gain visibility into security health of your projects.
Consolidate and prioritize vulnerabilities across scanners on a single platform.
Automate processes and shorten the life span of vulnerabilities to reduce your risk exposure.
Get security out of the way of deployment before it reaches the deployment stage in your CI/CD pipeline.

Plugin free CI/CD integration with our CLI

List projects, start scans, check security criteria before deployment in your CI/CD tools and much more through our open source CLI available here.

Help your software developers

Let your developers focus on what they are good at ; developing applications at high speed. Improve their efficiency by bringing to their attention only what really needs to be fixed. Let them receive instant notifications from the security team to be able to remediate vulnerabilities quickly.


Help your security engineers

Security engineers need to use various tools whereas each tool adds up to the complexity they are dealing with. Give them a helping hand to consolidate and analyze hundreds of vulnerabilities. Let them instantly eliminate false-positives, prioritize and assign relevant vulnerabilities to corresponding teams or users.

Help your DevOps engineers

Pave the way for DevSecOps by embedding automated application security tests into your software development cycle. Set custom security criteria to make sure any application that goes live get a green light from Kondukto before proceeding to the deployment stage in CI/CD pipeline.

Help your IT Auditors

Automate your vulnerability management process in four steps


  • Run scans on all of your application security tools from one place.
  • Configure your scanner events with custom parameters for each project.
  • Run scans on a pre-scheduled basis or trigger via 3rd party integrations.


  • See consolidated scan results instantly on insightful dashboards.
  • Send automated alerts when vulnerabilities meet predefined issue and notification criteria.
  • Send periodic reports to other team members.


  • Create tickets on your issue managers automatically or manually.
  • Automatically find the developer who created the vulnerability to pinpoint the assignee of the issue.
  • Create your internal remediation database to help your developers with the remediation.


  • Compare risk scores of projects and teams, decide on your training programs.
  • Track your mean time to fix and window of exposure metrics.
  • Create security playbooks and integrate with your CI CD processes.

The number of integrations keeps growing


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If you can not see a tool you are using, just contact us, integration will be ready in a matter of days

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