Help your security team with the #1 ASOC Tool

Get all security testing tool results in one view, automate vulnerability remediation workflows and manage risks with security KPIs.

Application Security Orchestration and Correlation Tool

Centralized Vulnerability Management

All vulnerabilities are consolidated, deduplicated and prioritized for each asset and business unit. Results from all security scanning tools, pentest reports or manual findings, all in one view.

Application Security
Posture Management

Automatically run +45 security scanners at the right stages of the pipeline and build a mature application security program to minimize business risk today.

Build the entire workflow step by step:

Run scans

Triage vulnerabilities

Assign issues on issue trackers

Track remediation progress

Build automated security guardrails

Application Security Posture Management

Get All The Community Support Without Cost

There are +25 built-in open source tools ready to run SAST, DAST, SCA and Container Image scans in minutes.

No installation, maintanance or update required!

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Out of the box open source security tools

Security as Code for DevSecOps

Withopen source CLI,bake security tests into pipelines with a
few lines of code snippet regardless of the CI/CD tool you are using.

# Download Kondukto CLI
curl -sSL | sh
# check the documentation
kdt --help
# setup your credentials
export KONDUKTO_HOST=<your-kondukto-host>
export KONDUKTO_TOKEN=<your-kondukto-token>
# start running tests
kdt scan -p <project-name> -t <tool-name> -b <branch-name>
Grow and Retain Corporate Memory for Security

Grow and Retain Corporate Memory for Security

Create a corporate memory secured from changes in employees, scanners or DevOps tools. All your security data, statistics, activities will be stored and you own the data!

No vendor-lock or loss of historical data when you need to change an AppSec tool.