From AppSec noise to harmony

Instantly get all security testing tool results in a single view, automate vulnerability remediation workflows and manage risks with key security performance indicators (KPIs).

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Effortless efficiency that saves time and money

Gain visibility & insight

Speed up prioritization process with the power of orchestration and automation.

Remediate faster

Reduce distraction and low value work to speed up remediation.

Boost learning and accountability

Support a culture of continuous improvement with our developer-level vulnerability data.

Oversee all security tool results in one place

Oversee all security tool results in one place

Kondukto consolidates security testing tool results, providing a single platform to view all vulnerabilities.

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Take security operations to the next level

The Kondukto platform’s flexible design allows you to create custom workflows for responding to risks quickly and efficiently.

  • Run automated scans or import reports
  • Triage with risk-based context
  • Trigger remediation workflows
  • Continuously monitor and improve security posture
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Take security operations to the next level

Security teams that
trust Kondukto

Security as code
for DevSecOps

With an open-source CLI, bake security tests into pipelines with a
few lines of code, regardless of the CI/CD tool you use.

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# Download Kondukto CLIcurl -sSL | sh # check the documentationkdt --help # setup your credentialsexport KONDUKTO_HOST=<your-kondukto-host>export KONDUKTO_TOKEN=<your-kondukto-token> # start running testskdt scan -p <project-name> -t <tool-name> -b <branch-name> 
Benefit from the open-source community

Benefit from the open-source community

Take advantage of more than 25 built-in open-source tools ready to run SAST, DAST, SCA, and Container Image scans within minutes without a need for installation, maintenance, or updates.

Fully own your data

Protect your corporate memory from changes in employees, scanners, or DevOps tools. All security data, statistics, and activities in one place for you to own.

Avoid vendor lock or loss of historical data when you need to change an AppSec tool.

Fully own your data

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Fully own your data

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