Help your security team with the #1 ASOC Tool

Manage all your security testing tools in one place and build workflows for faster triage and remediation.

Application Security Orchestration and Correlation Tool

Manage all your security tools in one place

Kondukto supports all your favourite security testing tools and gets all the results in one place.

Accelerate and automate security operations

Kondukto platform is so flexible that you can build custom workflows to respond to threats faster and remediate risks as soon as they’re detected.

Build your security playbook with a few steps:

Run automated scans or import reports

Triage with risk-based context

Trigger remediation workflows

Continuously monitor and improve security posture

Application Security Posture Management

Use open-source to power up your application security program

Kondukto has built-in open source security testing tools ready to run SAST, DAST, SCA and Container Image scans any time.

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Out of the box open source security tools

Kondukto Demo

Have a self-guided tour in Kondukto Demo to get all security testing
tool results in one place and automate vulnerability remediation workflows.

Grow and Retain Corporate Memory for Security

Grow and Retain Corporate Memory for Security

Create a corporate memory secured from changes in employees, scanners or DevOps tools. All your security data, statistics, activities will be stored and you own the data!

No vendor-lock or loss of historical data when you need to change an AppSec tool.