Create your AppSec
program from scratch

When security becomes a concern, it is
hard to know where to start, especially
without a security team.

Create your AppSec program from scratch

With a single click on the UI, you can activate and start using out-of-the-box open source scanners on Kondukto.

Decide on your priorities and processes and build them into Kondukto to make sure you always take the right action.

Kondukto acts as an AppSec engineer and even DevOps or software development teams can easily own security in their applications.

Scale your existing AppSec program

Scale your existing AppSec program

Understaffed security teams need automation to scale their effort.

Kondukto aggregates vulnerabilities from different sources so that security engineers can easily track everything in a single platform.

Automation comes to rescue of security teams as they try to keep up with the speed of software development.

Kondukto brings visibility into overall security posture and lays the groundwork for effective collaboration between security, development and DevOps teams.

Vendor Agnostic DevSecOps Adoption

Tools need to be selected based on the processes, not the other way around.

Vendor Agnostic DevSecOps Adoption

Kondukto's open source CLI seamlessly integrates with any CI/CD tool and security becomes an integral part of your pipelines in minutes.

Open source scanners on Kondukto come in handy to cover missing tools in your tool chain or to perform lightweight security scans in the earlier stages of SDLC.

With Kondukto you can always hold on to your historical data and create a corporate memory even if you switch to new vendors down the line.

Development-friendly vulnerability management

Development-friendly vulnerability management

Software is eating the world and vulnerability management also needs to play ball with it.

You can empower your developers by using Kondukto's developer-level vulnerability data to create personalized training programs.

Kondukto automatically deduplicates vulnerabilities to reduce the number of vulnerabilities dealt with in your organization.

Kondukto automatically carries over actions taken on a vulnerability in one branch to other branches so that your developers are not bothered for the same vulnerability.