Demo Hub launched for Kondukto Technology Partners

Andreas Wiese25 Apr 2023

For quite a time we have been thinking about ways to make it easier for Kondukto users to try out the integrations of our Technology Partners. At this year’s RSA in San Francisco we are now happy to announce the first release of our Demo Hub.

This industry-first feature, integrated right into the Kondukto platform, makes it easier for customers to evaluate and benchmark different solutions from the growing number of Kondukto’s Technology Partners. The Demo Hub allows our customers to easily browse, search, and request demos for integrations of leading security software vendors like, GitGuardian or Secure Code Warriors with as little as 2 clicks.

“The launch of our Demo Hub as a native feature of the Kondukto Platform marks an important first step for our 2023 Partner Program. This innovative feature, directly integrated within our platform, makes it easy for customers to find the right partner technologies. It also shows our commitment to further deepening the collaboration with our Technology Partners.”

  • Cenk, CEO & Co-founder of Kondukto

Launch Partners

The initial release will be available to every Kondukto customer starting April 27th 2023. The Demo Hub Launch Partner integrations span across multiple types of security solutions:

  • GitGuardian: Secures software development lifecycles with enterprise-grade secrets detection. Scan, detect, remediate, and eliminate blind spots with GitGuardian’s automated, battle-tested detection engine.
  • Secure Code Warrior: Secure code learning for today’s developers. Equips developers to be security-driven by teaching them the skills needed to defend their organization through secure code.
  • Finds and fixes vulnerable open source dependencies, enforces compliance with license policies, and prevents malicious open source software from entering your code base.

“We're excited to be among the first Launch Partners of the Kondukto Demo Hub. This first-of-its-kind initiative will allow more security and DevOps teams to experience the power of GitGuardian's secrets detection right inside Kondukto’s ASOC platform. We're also grateful for this opportunity to work with a forward-thinking player like Kondukto and expect our partnership to have a significant impact on the security and productivity of software-driven organizations.” 

  • Eric Fourrier, CEO and Co-founder, GitGuardian

With the Demo Hub our Technology Partners can now showcase their integrations with our ASOC Platform. Our users on the other hand get a quick overview of the capabilities of an integration and helpful links to the partner’s websites. We are intending to expand the functionality of the Demo Hub over the course of the next 18 months and will work on getting all current and future Technology Partners onboarded.

“We are excited to join the Kondukto Demo Hub as an integration partner. For Kondukto customers, the Secure Code Warrior integration pays for itself. We help organizations save hours that are typically spent on code remediation and rework by avoiding them altogether with a secure code learning platform that teaches developers in-context and just-in-time. The combination of Kondukto and Secure Code Warrior allows developers to build and innovate new software with the confidence that their code is secure.”

  • Stephen Allor, VP of Worldwide Channels & Partners, Secure Code Warrior

Security is a Team effort

Kondukto was founded by Cenk Kalpakoglu & Can Bilgin after witnessing the frustration of application security teams first hand while working at a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). With our two founders coming from an MSSP, understanding the importance of partners has been part of Kondukto’s DNA from its inception. 

The Demo Hub is going to corroborate a strong collaboration between Kondukto and the participating Technology Partners to help customers close gaps in their AppSec stack.

Companies interested in joining the Demo Hub and becoming a Technology Partner can reach out to our partner team to learn more:

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