Why SBOM Matters infographic

Andreas Wiese15 Jan 2024
SBOMSupply Chain Security

The infographic is titled “Why SBOM Matters” by Kondukto. It explains the importance of SBOM for security, compliance, risk assessment, transparency, and facilitating software updates. SBOM stands for Software Bill of Materials, which is a detailed inventory of all software components in a product. It covers component coverage, purpose & benefits, evolution of SBOM. Key components of SBOM include software inventory (version information & vulnerabilities), licensing details (compliance & obligations), relationships between components (dependencies & conflicts). The infographic outlines steps like initial assessment (identify & evaluate assets), tool selection (identify tools & automate processes), training and awareness (educate staff & stakeholders). Integration with DevSecOps involves automated SBOM generation, real-time monitoring, policy enforcement for seamless integration and collaboration enhancement.

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